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How to become a tattoo artist in Hawaii

To become a tattoo artist in Hawaii you go to the nearest health department and they should have a specific room/section for sanitation, then just ask for the tattoo licensing application. all applications get mailed to oahu and tests are taken every 6 months, the test is around 70 questions long including questions on microbiology, sanitation, and definitions for terms that they provide.

See resource section for address and phone numbers.

2 comments to How to become a tattoo artist in Hawaii

  • Will

    What is the minimum space required for a licensed shop? I would want to go with the disposable tube and needle setup, so there would be no need for a seperate sterilization and cleaning area. Just dispose of everything in the sharps container and be done with it. Are self contained sinks allowed? Could the shop exist in a single room without a barrier seperating work area? Can a shop exist in a residence if there is a seperate room and entrance for customers? I plan to be appointment only so no walk in traffic situation.

  • Dawn

    I want to know why the Department of Sanitation after taking the test, gives you only the percentage you scored from the testing results. Why dont they give you back the whole graded test back? Some people were just on the borderline to pass,some people have took the test numerous times. Its not fair not to give you the graded test sheets back.Especially when they charge a no refundable $75.00 per exam.

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